Interpreting is a vital element of communication in today’s multicultural society. We can provide simultaneous interpretation as well as consecutive interpretation. All our interpreters have appropriate language qualifications and have interpreting experience within their specialist industry field. We pride ourselves in maintaining both discretion and respect. Turkish Translation provides an interpreting service which is both fluent and sympathetic.

Modes of interpreting services we can provide

Consecutive interpreting

Legal appointments, local authority meetings, training, seminars and business meetings etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

Conferences, tribunals, inter-governmental issues, international events, seminars etc.

Whispered interpreting

Small-scale simultaneous interpreting mode for seminars, conferences, guided tours, training, presentations etc. This type of interpreting is becoming increasingly popular by the day and ideal for one or two users of a specific language where other modes of interpreting are impractical or uneconomical whereby the Interpreter interprets what is being said simultaneously in a whisper mode without the use of technical equipment.

Instant telephone interpreting

We provide on-demand telephone interpreting services, available at short notice, making it ideal for any individual or organization thatneeds reliable and prompt interpretation.

Legal and Court Interpreting

The importance of effective and accurate communication is crucial throughout any legal proceeding. That’s why our legal Interpreters are familiar with the procedures and guidelines involved in legal proceedings to ensure their work is of the highest quality. Our interpreters have also been CRB checked to ensure they can be trusted.

Language selection