Educational Support

teaching and language support

We can provide assistance in educational environments as well as teach, train or advise on Turkish teaching only. Offer language ‘crash courses’ for business representatives travelling to Turkish speaking countries or for visitors to Britain for commercial or any other purposes, or language revision and cultural awareness training courses for children or adults.

academic support

We have dedicated team to proofread, revise and provide academic support and guidance for BA, BS, MA, PHD essays to dissertations.

News, Reviews, Events

Living in a multi-cultural community

A good way for people from diverse communities to get to know each other is to go to the many public events that take place in London during the summer months. More...

NHS Speech and Language Therapy

Our design team has worked with a number of statutory health services to bring both design and linguistic solution to a range of specialist areas. More...

NHS General Health issues

In our work with health professionals we realised that it is not just the words that carry the message, it is a combination of words, images and format. More...

Language selection