FAQs & formats

Q: Why you don’t do fixed pricing?

A: Everyone has different needs and we believe fixed pricing is not for the benefit of the customer. For example: If we charge per page for the translation a page may have 5 lines of texts or 25 lines of text and fixed price is not fair for the first translation. Prices also depend on other factors such as, technicality, complexity and urgency of the requests. If you need an interpreter for a non technical business meeting or an exhibition visit you should not pay a simultaneous interpreter fee.

Q: I would like to do an import or export business. Apart from translating the required documents what kind of support services can you provide?

A: As well translating the required documents, we can assist you in numbers of ways including, getting in touch with the institutions or people you want to do business on your behalf, arranging meetings and visits, preparing your portfolio, accompanying during your visits, arranging your accommodations and travels.

Q: I have translations requests more than one language or multilingual request, can you help me?

A: We will professionally coordinate your translations into the requested languages and return your translations as close as your original documents or files including images tables graphs as well.

Q: What is the difference between translation and localisation?

A: Translation is conveying the source text contents accurately into target text while maintaining the meaning and the style of the contents. On the other hand the distinct feature of the localisation is to capture the attentions, admirations and taste of the local customers and markets by unique adaptation of the target text, symbols, graphs and images. Briefly, it is not wrong to say that translation is an internal phase of localisation.

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